CARRO Always have been driven by a strong "must to create" in creativity. She is a trained jeweler and has more than 23 years of experience in the goldsmith profession, crafts, Design and shaping.

Carro has designed jewellery for many places and famous people and brands as a "ghost" designer with professional secracy agrements

Each part of raw material is carefully selected and worked on in its entirety and refined to the smallest detail.

the"Caroline is inspired by works of art, by the strong individuals she has in her surroundings, by the landscapes, cities, the most important inspiring the nature she loves to explore.
She is very persistent, she does not give up until the form or expression is exacly as she wonts it.

Caroline has her own jewelery brands, CARRO, the jewelery brand

SHE | STOCKHOLM which she has created with Lina Friberg,

miss UFO which was created with Sanna Bråding.